Why Do You Need Influencer in Instagram

Today social media is more than just a tool to connect people in cyberspace. Social media has been proven as a powerful tool for promotion. Along with the development of the online stores in cyberspace, the emersion of the Influencers is highly sought to promote some products. An Influencer is a person who has a good influence on its followers and has the high number of organic followers. An influencer could be an artist, celebgram, or a well-known figure who have many fans and impact. Sometimes, what the Influencers do and said can make some influences or inspirations to their followers.

The statistics data showed that the most social media frequently used is Facebook with the number 2167 million active users, and Instagram is still below at the point seventh with total active users 800 million users. However, Instagram is predictably increasing in the year 2018, it is supported by some new features of Instagram likely the sharing photos, Instagram story, and Instagram live video.

Instagram is one of the favorite social media that is currently being used. Indonesia has the most active users, is statically recorded as the third ranking in the world after the United States and Brazil. There are 53 million active users that almost dominantly young age every month.

Using Influencer in Instagram is shown up a new term called endorse/endorsement. This term usually refers to promoting activities which are products or services that come from business owner to influencer with a letter of agreement. Endorse/endorsement has various forms, not only for business activities but also for socials and educations activities. The socials and educations communities movement began to campaign their activities using influencer to widely raise awareness to the public.

To continuously give impacts, the influencers are served as brand ambassadors for some products or services. Indirectly way, the audience will recognize the products/services when viewing the influencer. So that’s why, the selection of influencers characters is very substantial to do, and make sure that the activity purpose is appropriated with the influencers characters.

The results impacts that are given by the influencers are various form, depending on how much influences from influencers to their followers. In the business activity, the impact will be shown by the increasing the number of followers and sales. Meanwhile, for socials and educations communities are come up by the increasing awareness of the campaign and the going up the organic followers. If the community has a particular crowdfund campaign activity is expectly increased the number of donations.

As Indonesia become the third largest user of instagram, an influencer is served as one of the jobs in the digital era. Many people easily appear as celebgram that offering some promotes to get endorse. This opportunity could hopefully happen to you who have creative and inspirational ideas to build audience confidences.

Are you interested to try the services of influencers? The first thing that you have to do is you should find out which influencer that match with your product or service, so that the impact will confidently grow up.

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